What the fuck is this?


*We start every party with free drinks at RECOVERY ROOM bar. 
*When everyone has arrived, we hit the town with our MOBILE BAR 
*We visit several irreverent art installations (nothing too serious...) 
*More free drinks from the mobile bar.
*More drinks. The Beer and Sangria never run out! 
*Aussie meat pies get delivered (Beef, Chicken or Veggie) 
*We party under the Charles Bridge.
*More booze, more art, then we cross the Charles Bridge to another bar. 
*Optional after party It doesn't exist anywhere but here.

Where do I buy tickets?

Ask your hostel if they sell tickets, as we like to know how many people are coming each night. You can email us if you want to reserve a spot and pay cash, or pay with a card here on our site. TICKETS

How do I get there?

We meet at The Recovery Room, at 5:45pm. Address is Karlova 12. The party starts immediately and then we head out.


Is there a boat?

No. Well, you might see a boat from the side of the river where we do the tour, but we don't get on it.

What time does the boat leave?

Seriously? It left yesterday and it hit an iceberg. There were no survivors.

What if I'm late?

Late-comers can call our number and meet us at one of our stops along the way. +(420)732 139 522

What all is included in the price?

Well, aside from transportation, art, experienced guides and dinner? We supply unlimited drinks for the first 3 hours. Ice-cold Czech beer and fresh homemade sangria or mulled wine(depending on the season). Strap in.

What's for dinner?

We offer authentic Australian meat pies(they also make vegetarian varieties), and if you've never tried them before, you are in for a treat. We offer three varieties which are all 1/2 kilogram of food per person, and it's always included in the price. Winter time we stop at a Pizzeria to get indoors.

When does it end?

You choose your own level of involvement. We always have an after party lined up from 9:30pm until sunrise. The after party always includes drink specials and takes us to many famous and underground pubs and clubs including karaoke and other great activities.