This company was founded by several guys who have guided all over the world for the past 10 years, and we've come to one conclusion: walking tours SUCK.
The guide is usually some student that got to that country a month before you did and memorized a script to earn a shirt that says GUIDE.
Then you waste part of your holiday watching an automaton regurgitate useless "facts" you'll never remember anyway.  
It's 2017, and it's time for a different type of tour.  We spent a year taking friends and family out with us until we created an event that is more like a party and less like a tour.  Riverside Parties is an all-inclusive, interactive, ridiculous concept that supplies unlimited drinks, dinner, and some very irreverent art.  All for around €20.  
And we know this event isn't for everyone.  Pretty much just for people who are awesome.  So if you decide at any time during or after the tour that you didn't like one part of it, guess what, ask for a refund.  We will give you cash in hand, no questions asked.  That's the kind of people we are. So come prepared to be outside for 45 minutes at a time, and bring a sense of humor.  Come early if you like, and grab a coffee or a beer with the guides.